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The Buyers’ Principles tell utilities and other suppliers what industry-leading, multinational companies are looking for when buying clean energy from the grid. A group of energy customers developed these six principles to spur progress on clean energy and to add their perspective to the future of the U.S. energy and electricity system.

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The Buyers’ Principles outline six criteria that would significantly help companies meet their ambitious purchasing goals:


It is important to have greater choice in procurement options when selecting energy suppliers and products to meet our business and public goals.


Energy Buyers want to be able to directly purchase clean energy that accurately reflects comprehensive costs and benefits to the system.

Long-term Pricing

The appeal of clean energy sources includes the ability to lock in energy price certainty and avoid fuel price volatility through long – and variable – term contracts.

New Projects

Access to new projects that reduce emissions including bundled clean energy products, like energy and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs); the ability to prevent double-counting within the energy consumer community; and sourcing projects near operations and/or closest regional energy grids.

Financing Tools

Increased access to third-party financing vehicles, as well as standardized and simplified processes, contracts, and financing for projects.


Opportunities to collaborate with utilities and regulators to expand our choices to purchase clean energy.