The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance is now the Clean Energy Buyers Association. Read Press Release
The following is a sampling of the 270+ companies participating as CEBA members – which includes 77 companies on the Fortune 500 list. Our community is comprised of three member types – Large Energy Buyers, Energy Providers, and Service Providers – that collaborate to navigate the complexities of the energy market. The CEBA community leverages peer-to-peer expertise and knowledge share, policy and regulatory advocacy, and foundational educational resources to accelerate renewable energy procurement. In 2020, at least one CEBA member was involved in 97% of the publicly announced renewable energy transactions within the U.S. showcasing a commitment to renewables as one of the most significant paths to a zero-carbon future. Curious how CEBA’s community of leaders is moving the market forward? Reach out to our Membership Team to learn more.


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