The Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) is a membership association for organizations acting to procure and advocate for clean energy in global markets.

Join your industry-leading peers for tangible solutions to help you navigate complex global energy markets, decarbonize your supply chain, and improve access to clean energy.

Build Your Community

Does your organization have an ambitious clean energy goal, but limited in-house resources to achieve it? CEBA offers a diverse network of influential organizations to help fill gaps in expertise and industry best practices.

Procure Clean Energy

Are you on your first clean energy project or your 10th? CEBA offers educational resources and tools to help you throughout your procurement journey across global energy markets.

Decarbonize Supply Chains

Have an established Scope 3 emissions goal? CEBA has a customizable educational platform to help engage supply chain partners.

Advance Energy Policy

Does your organization need market access to meet goals? CEBA advocates for legislative and regulatory policies that improve energy markets.

Become part of the solution. Join CEBA.