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Inform legislative and regulatory policy to improve access to clean energy.

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Do you have challenges meeting your goal to procure abundant, safe, and healthy clean energy resources because of market limitations?

CEBA membership informs legislative and regulatory policies to improve access to clean energy, facilitate industry collaboration, and evolve market mechanisms to enable clean energy integration.

Federal Policy Priorities

CEBA encourages bipartisan support for federal action that expands access to clean energy through regular policymaker engagement and education.

Industry Stakeholder Collaboration

CEBA facilitates collaboration amongst industry stakeholders, including utilities, to create mutually beneficial clean energy solutions. Learn more about CEBA’s Green Tariffs engagement. 

Organized Wholesale Markets

Wholesale markets refer to the purchase and sale of electricity among generators and energy suppliers, along with services needed to maintain a safe and reliable power system. Organized wholesale markets are centrally managed markets that provide a platform for transparent and competitive wholesale electricity trading.

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The Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) is a membership association for organizations acting to procure and advocate for clean energy worldwide. Join industry-leading peers for tangible solutions to help you navigate complex global energy markets, decarbonize your supply chain, and improve access to clean energy.