CEBA Comments on Department of Commerce Solar Petition

Institutional energy customers drive a significant portion of the clean energy procurement in the U.S., and have voluntarily deployed 52 gigawatts (GWs) of new, large-scale wind and solar capacity have since 2014. Last year alone, energy customers contracted for a record 11 GW of new wind and solar projects. Of this 11 GW, 80% were solar energy transactions.

Solar projects have represented over 70% of all procurement since 2019 with solar technology being a key tool for energy customers to meet ambitious climate and energy goals. The petition and its potential for retroactive tariffs has introduced uncertainty to the market already – leading to job losses, decreased investment, and delays or cancellations of solar transactions. Energy customers report nearly all solar deals are at a standstill and are directly feeling the impact of what the Solar Energy Industries Association reports is 51 GWs from 318 projects canceled or delayed. 

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