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CEBA Supports the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission’s Proposed Carbon Disclosure Rule to Promote Transparency and Accelerate Carbon-free Electricity Procurement

Climate change poses both threats and opportunities to American businesses. The disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions serves an important role in both mitigating risk and capitalizing on these opportunities. The proposed carbon disclosure rule issued by the U.S. Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) would upon adoption create greater transparency and strong incentives for more companies to further reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. 

CEBA submitted comments to the SEC showing support for the intent, expected impact, and adoption of the SEC’s Proposed Rule No. S7-10-22 insofar as the Final Rule empowers and enhances transparency for the private sector to further scale decarbonization efforts in the U.S. and abroad. CEBA also requested that the SEC consider five specific recommendations to enhance the Proposed Rule’s efficacy, durability, and interoperability with fast-changing energy markets and customer needs in the Final Rule. 

CEBA comments on the SEC’s proposed carbon disclosure rule: