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Driving Renewable Energy in International Markets

Forging connections among sustainability practitioners working to procure renewable energy has typically required innovative in-person conferences and networking events that enable bonds to be built around mutual interest or areas of expertise. However, these connections are often limited by geographic proximity and practitioners often struggle to connect with peer energy buyers beyond their national borders. In response to this market need, CEBA in partnership with the We Mean Business coalition, is proud to announce the creation of the International Connection Platform, an online tool to enable connections among large energy buyers and NGOs seeking to accelerate sustainable energy in international markets.

There is a growing cadre of large energy buyers across the commercial and industrial sector, including corporations, seeking to procure renewable energy to meet their own load, support their global supply chain partners, and to expand into international energy markets. The COVID-19 pandemic has created additional barriers to an already challenging space by impacting in-person relationship building and knowledge share. The International Connection Platform allows for large energy buyers to connect with peers whose interest and experience in specific energy markets match their own and NGOs with market specific expertise and resources to drive forward sustainable energy initiatives.  

CEBA recognizes that long-term impact in international markets will require concerted efforts, including deepening engagement with organizations and energy buyers with deep expertise and experience. The next phase of the International Connection Platform will enable access to tools and resources that will provide first-stage market screening information, international renewable energy procurement updates, and advocacy materials to drive local policy action.

The International Connection Platform is free to use for any large energy buyer seeking to learn more about international energy markets and procure renewable energy to meet their goals, as well as for NGO partners with local programs and expertise. Content available through the Platform will be continuously updated by the CEBA team to support the development of international communities of interest.

Learn more about the International Connection Platform and take a look at the Step-by-Step Guidance if you are an energy buyer or NGO ready to create a profile..