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Energy Buyers Can Drive the Next Generation of Clean Energy Technologies

The Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) Clean Technology program activates large energy buyers across multiple industries to engage with pre-commercial clean energy technologies by providing resources and tools to help navigate the complex clean technology ecosystem. 

The clean energy technologies needed to achieve the necessary deep cuts in global emissions by 2030 already exist today, but deployment and widespread use of technologies that are not on the market yet are necessary to reach net-zero by 2050. Large energy buyers are uniquely positioned to help expedite the commercialization of next generation technologies by testing pre-commercial technologies in real-world market conditions and by providing critical demand side feedback. However, navigating the clean technology ecosystem can be challenging for those unfamiliar with the landscape and even experienced buyers encounter barriers and challenges when considering new clean energy technology solutions.

Understanding Barriers for Engaging with Clean Technologies

CEBA’s clean technology workshop series, Unlocking Buyers’ Potential to Deploy Clean Energy Technologies, explored the key barriers large energy buyers face when navigating new clean energy technologies. Through this series of facilitated peer-to-peer learning sessions, energy buyers shared challenges, such as the need for technical assistance to evaluate clean energy technologies at the level of granularity needed to build a business case, tools to help understand risks and justify investment costs, and resources to ultimately build organizational alignment on the potential benefits of new pre-commercial clean energy technology. 

Potential Solutions for Building the Business Case 

Workshop participants identified actionable steps for developing better resources and creating deeper connections for energy buyers looking to test and demonstrate clean energy technologies. Namely, large energy buyers continue to need forums to connect with other buyers to discuss and brainstorm solutions to the unique challenges when trying to build organizational alignment to integrate a potentially beneficial new technology. Buyers seek to improve connections to verified clean energy technology products and providers and additional tools and resources to help evaluate potential technology solutions. Last and importantly, buyers need financial evaluation tools, educational resources, and information on policy or market incentives to better understand the financial risk associated with new technologies and the potential return on investment of a project.  

Get Involved

CEBA is creating tools and resources for buyers to host clean energy technology demonstration projects, evaluate potential mechanisms and approaches to de-risk projects, and facilitate opportunities for technology providers to pitch partnership and demonstration opportunities. CEBA members can learn more about upcoming clean technology resources and workshops here.

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