Energy Customers and Solution Providers Identify Key Market Updates to Enable Next Generation Procurement Options

The Clean Energy Buyers Institute’s NextGen Activator Workshop series identifies energy market gaps and changes necessary to help energy customers advance toward and optimize the decarbonization impact of their clean energy procurement.

Energy customers and solution providers have clarified the key updates required for evolving the current system underlying the voluntary carbon-free electricity (CFE) procurement market. These updates, if addressed, will advance the introduction of new procurement options to help customers optimize the decarbonization impact of their procurement decisions. During the second workshop in the NextGen Activator workshop series, convened by the Clean Energy Buyers Institute (CEBI), more than 70 energy customers and solution providers offered input on the changes necessary to the current system of energy attributes, data, greenhouse gas accounting frameworks, and leadership recognition programs to introduce solutions that help customers achieve the top eight objectives for next generation CFE procurement. 

Table 1 summarizes the overall types of market updates needed to support new types of voluntary CFE procurement options so customers can maximize the decarbonization impact of their procurement decisions. There are four key areas of opportunity to update to the current voluntary market system to unlock new CFE procurement options:

Table 1: Key CFE Market Updates Needed to Enable Customer-Identified Next Generation Procurement Options 

Let’s dive into three specific examples to further illustrate how and why these market system updates will enable new types of procurement options: 

In the coming months, CEBI will continue to unpack the detailed requirements for each of these market system updates and clarify the specific parties best positioned to implement these updates. CEBI will also further characterize customer needs for next generation procurement in order to support solution providers in preparing to deliver new CFE solutions to customers as these market updates are implemented. CEBI invites customers, solution providers, and voluntary market system stakeholders to the third NextGen Activator workshop on May 18th in-person at our Spring Summit in Detroit (registration here), which will inform open questions about the role of avoided emissions in CFE procurement decision making and greenhouse gas accounting and reporting.