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On-Site Energy Procurement Roadmap

Exclusive resource for CEBA members

CEBA is excited to announce the release of its on-site procurement roadmap, the first CEBA resource to focus on on-site electricity generation. The roadmap provides an overview of the average on-site energy procurement process for a corporate buyer. The roadmap is technology agnostic, supports buyers considering a range of different on-site options, and addresses common questions that arise during the procurement process.  

The roadmap goes through the on-site energy procurement process from start to finish, from initial emissions reduction goal setting, to building internal support, to evaluating different technologies and ownership models, to drafting an RFP, to ongoing system maintenance after installation. While we recognize that every buyer’s journey will be different, the roadmap serves as a high-level guide for what buyers should consider at different points in the process as they pursue on-site solutions. The roadmap also aggregates numerous publicly available resources into one central location to assist buyers with everything from building an effective internal team, to making appropriate statements around renewable energy use, to technical and regulatory considerations. Finally, the roadmap also includes many insights and lessons learned from buyers who are experienced with on-site procurement. 

On-site procurement can provide many benefits: it can serve as a visible sign of sustainability commitments, offer renewable energy solutions in markets with limited off-site procurement options, reduce electricity price volatility, enhance resiliency and reduce grid dependency, to name a few. The launch of the on-site procurement roadmap represents an exciting step in CEBA’s journey to ensure that every organization has a viable, expedient, and cost-effective pathway to renewable energy.