CEBA Urges Congress to Pass the Build Back Better Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA), which brings together the world’s largest energy customers, supports the compromise framework for the Build Back Better Act (BBBA). Together, with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), we support the clean energy and climate framework advanced by these two bills, which include critical provisions for clean energy tax credits, transmission funding, wholesale market expansion, clean tech innovation, clean energy repowering for rural cooperatives, utility emissions data harmonization, and more. We strongly urge Congress to pass both the BBBA and IIJA as soon as possible. Together these bills would mark a critical and historic set of investments to drive much-needed emissions reductions and clean energy deployment at home, and to show the world that the U.S. is and will continue to be a clean energy leader.

As CEBA has previously asserted, both market-based and policy-driven solutions are needed to decarbonize the grid for all, utilizing the fastest, most cost effective, resilient and equitable approaches which also unlocks the potential of energy customers to accelerate the transition. CEBA will continue to advocate for bold federal action to drive clean energy forward and to work with Congress, the Administration and federal agencies to accelerate a carbon-free future.