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Supply Chain Program

Empowering large energy customers and their suppliers with the resources necessary to streamline clean energy procurement across national and global supply chains.

Clean energy customers, like multi-national corporations, have long championed clean energy as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across operations and facilities. Recognizing the power of a market demand signal, the number of corporations setting supply chain, or scope 3, emissions reductions goals has steadily increased with the recognition that emissions extend beyond the built environment to a company’s products and services.

Reducing scope 3 emissions can be a daunting task – from determining where to begin the journey, to identifying the value chain areas with greatest emissions reductions potential, to engaging suppliers and relevant partners – but the opportunity for impact is immense.

CEBA members have access to exclusive tools, resources, and engagement opportunities through the Supply Chain Pprogram to support collaboration with supply chain partners, including:

  • Supplier Engagement Project, special access to CEBA benefits for supply chain partners to accelerate decarbonization efforts and move your Scope 3 goals forward.
  • Future of Supply Chain Energy newsletter update and discussion series to learn from industry leaders that have successfully engaged supply chain partners to reduce emissions.
  • Resources developed in collaboration with experienced large energy customers to navigate domestic and international clean energy procurement.

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