Our Vision

Customer-driven clean energy for all.

Who We Are

The Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) is a membership association for energy customers seeking to procure clean energy across the U.S. Today, our membership of over 420 includes stakeholders from across the commercial and industrial sector, non-profit organizations, as well as energy providers and service providers.

Our 2030 Aspiration

The Clean Energy Buyers Association’s aspiration is to achieve a 90% carbon-free U.S. electricity system by 2030 and to cultivate a global community of energy customers driving clean energy.

Our History

The Clean Energy Buyers Association’s history is rooted in deep engagement with energy and environmental non-governmental organizations, which began with a simple idea: energy customers pursuing clean energy should have one organization to go to for the resources necessary to achieve their sustainability goals.

What began as a collaborative with today’s leading organizations - BSR (formally the Business for Social Responsibility, Rocky Mountain Institute, the World Resources Institute, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - has grown into a standalone organization.

The Clean Energy Buyers Association is built on an overarching theory of change that energy customers have a critical role to play in positively influencing energy providers and policymakers to prioritize and accelerate clean energy.

Clean Energy Buyers Alliance FAQ