Accelerate Meaningful Supply Chain Climate Action

Supply Chain Partner Engagement Roadmap provides guidance for companies seeking to reduce their scope 3 emissions.

Large energy buyers are realizing the full environmental impact of a company’s products and services, including scope 3 emissions across supply chains, which are greater than their own operational emissions. CDP reports that supply chain emissions are 5.5 times greater than operational emissions on average. In 2019, 125 companies asked their supply chain partners to report their emissions via the CDP reporting platform. 

Reducing scope 3 emissions through supply chain engagement can be a daunting task. However, CEBA members and other large energy buyers have been successful in supporting their supply chain partners through the process, from raising awareness of energy impacts to taking meaningful action. 

Capturing the lessons from market leaders

The Supply Chain Partner Engagement Roadmap, developed in consultation with leading energy buyers, is available exclusively for CEBA members to accelerate action by helping companies navigate the engagement process from internal planning to execution by the supply chain partner (see Figure 1). Key insights and lessons learned are shared at each step of the process and the roadmap guides companies through pain points and key challenges, including:

  • Supplier selection: Supply chains often include thousands of global supply chain partners. The roadmap provides guidance to determine which supply chain partners to start with.
  • Information requests: Once you have selected your core group of supply chain partners, what data are you seeking and how will it be collected? The roadmap presents common data requested and an overview of different reporting approaches to consider for your goals. 
  • Supporting supplier action: Engagement does not stop once a supply chain partner has made a commitment to sustainable energy. The roadmap showcases ways for customer companies to support suppliers through to project execution, even in difficult markets. 

Figure 1: Supply chain partner engagement roadmap and approaches

Overall, leading companies offer the following advice:

  • Be strategic in your supplier selection
  • Disclose your own emissions to give credibility to your requests of your suppliers
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel! Take advantage of the reporting tools, resources, and training developed by CEBA and other NGOs. For example, CEBA’s Supply Chain members can take advantage of the Supplier Offer, which enables members to share the benefits of CEBA resources and community with their supply chain partners. Learn more about the benefits of the Supplier Offer

CEBA members can access the Supply Chain Partner Engagement Roadmap on the CEBA InterConnect, our member portal, our member portal. If you are interested in learning more about supply chain engagement, email

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