CEBA Member Highlight: Seneca Environmental

Image caption: The Seneca Nation’s Allegany Solar Project, developed by Seneca Energy, a Seneca Environmental sister company.

Creating Unprecedented Collaboration to Address the Climate Crisis and Benefit Historically Underserved Communities

The climate crisis requires unprecedented collaboration. We see an opportunity for that collaboration amongst the clean energy sector, the corporate world, and tribally owned enterprises to bring Earth-healing solutions to scale, for the benefit of historically underserved communities and all future generations. Seneca Environmental is a renewable energy developer and climate consultancy that is wholly owned by the Seneca Nation. Our work to develop, own, and operate clean energy projects around the U.S. will produce long-term, sustainable revenue for the Nation. In addition, our approach to developing clean energy projects focuses on providing Earth-healing solutions, embedding climate justice, and doing the most good possible — goals that are thoroughly aligned with the Beyond the Megawatt principles of environmental sustainability, equity, and resilience.

Native communities in the U.S. have not shared in the wealth generated from their lands and the mainstream economy; they remain underserved compared to other communities. They experience high rates of poverty, low education levels, health disparities, and a lack of opportunities. To reverse this trend and support the health, education, and welfare of its members, the Seneca Nation built a robust business enterprise. The Seneca Holdings family of companies delivers more than $350 million in products and services annually. The profit from this business is helping to provide the same services to the Nation that most other U.S. citizens get from their federal, state, and local governments. But Native Nations do not have tax revenues to fund these services. The Seneca Nation recognized that expanding Seneca Holdings was key to fully meeting its members’ needs, and thus Seneca Environmental was born.

Seneca Environmental is supporting energy equity with clean energy projects nationwide that serve both Native communities and private-sector clients. With our extensive network of values-aligned partners and close collaboration with the Department of Energy, we can deliver projects at scale. Energy customers looking to reduce emissions and diversify their suppliers can partner with Seneca Environmental for onsite renewables paired with batteries for resilience, and long-term energy contracts, such as virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs). 

Our work with other Native communities focuses on enabling clean energy projects, which can provide them with energy sovereignty and generate income. Flipping the old, extractive model of energy generation, we focus on social justice and equitable benefits for Native people through access to clean energy and economic development, including workforce development and community benefits. We combine a deep appreciation of Native sovereignty with a flexible approach that prioritizes the needs and goals of each community we work with.

Partnership and collaboration are core to Seneca Environmental’s vision. Energy customers benefit by partnering with us because we can offer competitive pricing and satisfy e environmental, social, and governance (ESG) as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals for supplier diversification, while helping them achieve their climate goals. We are always looking to expand our partnerships with those aligned with our mission and our efforts to develop, build, acquire, and operate a portfolio of clean energy assets, while ensuring a positive impact on Seven Generations.

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