Pasha’s Take on CEBA Connect at VERGE 23

CEBA Connect at VERGE 23 will bring energy leaders together to address the challenges of the clean energy transition and build solutions for our carbon-free future. CEBA members — register for your all-access pass through InterConnect. We hope to see you in San Jose, California, October 23-26! 

This is part of a series on VERGE 23. In this edition we chat with Pasha Feinberg, CEBA Senior Associate of Global Programs.

photo of Pasha Feinberg giving thumbs up

What are you most excited to experience during CEBA Connect at VERGE 23? 

I am really excited to share the key drivers of the CEBA Global Initiative with our community. A number of our stakeholders will be there in-person — I am sure we will huddle up and solve EVERYTHING. Ok, not everything! Hopefully a lot though. One of our stakeholders has waxed poetic about a place called the Cheese Board, so I pretty excited about that too. 

I am also thrilled to share I will be co-leading a session this year on reducing global supply chain emissions, and more sessions on Asia-Pacific corporate clean energy markets are in development. We consistently hear from clean energy customers that supply chains in Asia-Pacific are where they need help outside the U.S., so it is a critical region for our focus. We are going to bring together a suite of experts from high interest markets to discuss challenges and solutions. We will have some highly interactive parts with breakout sessions, so people have direct access to learn from their peers. 

What is the most fun thing about VERGE? 

The best thing for me has been reconnecting with staff and CEBA members. We had a big staff dinner at a restaurant that REI and Nike happened to also be having dinner at, so we had one big, fun, clean energy nerd party. I was able to sit and laugh with many people over lunches, sitting outside enjoying the nice California weather. 

VERGE is a solutions-building event. Share some success stories! What have you brought out of VERGE that you’re now building on, and bringing to the clean energy market? 

Last year at VERGE 22, over tacos, we conceived our Global Initiative goals. Now, it has been formalized — although there was a lot less salsa while I was doing that work. We are moving ideas from concept to execution, and now we are figuring out how we can get buy-in on the scale needed to accelerate the energy transition. 

What was the best member moment of VERGE 22? 

After our session on clean energy in China, Tim Lee from The Walt Disney Company gave us such wonderful positive feedback on how the session was incredibly beneficial. We love compliments! It was really nice to hear that our sessions were immediately helpful. 

What makes CEBA Connect events special? 

CEBA sets the bar high for making sessions interactive with peer-to-peer learning. We get superstars in attendees and speakers — people are always impressed and complimentary. Members keep returning to our events because they know we carefully curate an excellent learning environment. Last year we also had the CEBA members-only lounge, which was a huge hit. You will definitely find me in the lounge again this year, that’s where the best snacks were.  

What is one thing you’d tell someone who has never attended VERGE? 

Our members are eager to meet each other, to talk with each other. Our community is made up of good people who are here to help you on your clean energy journey. You will see CEBA staff everywhere on the Energy Track, come up and say hi! We love to talk energy — and get to know you.  

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