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Clean Energy Buyers Association CEO Testifies In Support Of Build Back Better Act

The Build Back Better Act makes important investments in key areas that will result in powerful outcomes for our economy and community

Washington, D.C. – (Dec. 10, 2021) – Yesterday, the CEO of the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) Miranda Ballentine, testified before the House Select Committee on Climate Crisis in support of the clean energy investments contained in the Build Back Better Act (BBBA).

In her opening statement, Ballentine stated that the clean energy investments in the BBBA are “good for business, good for markets, good for consumer energy prices and good for the economy.”

CEBA’s vision is customer-driven clean energy for all and passing the BBBA brings that vision closer to reality.

“Energy customers face intractable barriers to procuring clean energy: lack of organized wholesale markets, need for expansion of transmission, lackluster investments in clean energy technology incentives, and underfunded research and development of emerging clean technologies,” Ballentine explained to the committee. “BBBA makes important investments in each of these areas that will result in powerful outcomes for our economy and community.”

Ballentine’s testimony detailed three key points in the BBBA that can empower energy customers to unleash an economic boom in clean energy and help CEBA reach the goal of a 90% carbon-free electricity system in the United States by 2030.

“First, businesses support federal action on climate and clean energy under the BBBA,” Ballentine said. “Second, energy customers and energy markets matter and are the key to driving affordable clean energy for all Americans. Third, to solve the climate crisis, we must focus on decarbonizing our power system.”

In her summary remarks, Ballentine said, “We applaud the efforts of this Congress to address climate change, accelerate clean energy and empower customers to lead the transition through the Build Back Better Act. We urge the Senate to preserve the House allocations to the clean energy provisions and pass the Build Back Better Act without delay.”

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