Statement on Executive Order Catalyzing a Clean Energy Economy through Federal Sustainability

December 8, 2021 

Clean Energy Buyers Association Applauds Federal Efforts to Achieve 100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2030

The Biden Administration released a sweeping Executive Order (EO) directing the federal government to procure 100% carbon-free electricity for all federal agencies by 2030, at least half of which will be procured to match actual electricity consumption on an hourly basis and produced within the same regional grid. The EO sets a new standard of ambition that paves the way for the largest clean energy customer in the U.S. – the entire federal government and the U.S. military – to use its unmatched demand to catalyze carbon-free electricity. 

The Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) applauds the Biden Administration for its leadership in driving bold ambition at a time when decisive action is necessary to accelerate our progress toward a carbon-free energy system. The EO provides the ambition and scale needed to use the full procurement and purchasing power of the federal government, and sends a strong market signal that time and location-matched clean energy is imperative to accelerating decarbonization. 

Implementation of this EO is timely as energy customers – including the CEBA community – begin to consider the decarbonization impact of energy procurement options more intentionally. Energy customers’ ambitions have evolved beyond the traditional annual matching of clean energy with an invested interest in matching consumption with carbon-free energy on a local, temporal, and demand-driven basis. Advancing the suite of next-generation procurement strategies will require a coalition of stakeholders collaborating on the market, technology, and data solutions. CEBA looks forward to working alongside the Biden Administration on overcoming the barriers to achieving this ambitious goal and implementing solutions to accelerate progress toward grid decarbonization.  

CEBA CEO, Miranda Ballentine, will testify for the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis on Thursday, December 9 at 1:30 pm ET in support of the Build Back Better Act’s clean energy provisions that complement the priorities set by the Biden Administration’s executive order.  

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