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Five Things to Know for CEBA Connect: Spring Summit 24

The final countdown is on as CEBA Connect: Spring Summit is — checks notes — NEXT WEEK?!

There’s a lot to be excited about this year, from the breathtaking views at our amazing venue to the loaded agenda with impactful content and lots of time for collaboration. We’re even throwing a birthday party — celebrating five years of CEBA and moving the market forward!

If you’re not registered there is still time! Hop over to the event site to secure your spot before it’s too late (spots are limited and going fast), then come back here for what you need to know to maximize your time in Denver.

Now that we’re all registered and ready to go … It’s almost time to start packing! Before you grab your suitcase, we’ve got five things to know for this year’s event.

  1. Hydrate! You may know Denver by its nickname the “Mile High City,” but those of us who live at or closer to sea level may be surprised by what that means when you’re on the ground there. In short, the altitude, combined with Denver’s dry air, can add up to an uncomfortable visit. This is quite easy to mitigate if you make a conscious effort to hydrate in the days leading up to the event and continue to do so throughout your time in Denver. And keep in mind any alcoholic beverages you may choose to consume will hit a little harder 5,280 feet up!
  2. Download the event app. Everything you need — from venue maps to networking to a build-you-own-agenda function and even your own personal digital business card! — is contained within the EventsGo app. Download and get started today via the AppStore or GooglePlay.
  3. Plan your time. Details on the agenda can be found in the EventsGo app or on the event site. The agenda is packed full of can’t-miss content featuring CEBA staff — you don’t want to miss meeting our new CEO! — and speakers and panelist across our membership who will share their insights on the current state of the market, its challenges, and how we can collaborate to continue our shared journey toward custom-driven clean energy for all.
  4. Make time for fun! We are excited to invite all CEBA members to attend our Five Years of Impact celebration Wednesday evening at 5:15. We’ll have light fare and fun as we reflect on the incredible progress CEBA and our members have made together. Oh, and you may want to bring your shades — CEBA stars will be shining bright! (But also, at that time of night the sun will be perfectly positioned to blind you 😎😬) Not a bad idea to throw a light sweater or jacket in your bag as well to be prepared for the dip in temperatures when the sun goes down.
  5. Pack the essentials. We’ve already mentioned two must-haves: water bottles and sunglasses. What else? The Gaylord of the Rockies has a well-stocked gift shop with any essentials you may forget, so no need to stress packing too much! You may want to throw a swimsuit in your bag so you can check out the water park. If you’re a gym junkie like me, don’t forget to pack what you need to spin, run, or lift. Is the spa more your speed? Just pack your reservation number after you book here.  

If you have any questions leading up to CEBA Connect: Spring Summit, reach out to the team at We’ll see you in Colorado!