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American businesses have signed nearly 30 GW of new, large-scale renewable energy contracts since 2014. In 2019, announced deals, totaling 9.4 GW, were the equivalent of 80% of total renewable energy capacity installed in the US that year. More than 250 global businesses have committed to using 100% renewable energy, and Fortune 1000 companies may represent as much as 85 GW of renewable energy demand through 2030.

These large energy customers want a decarbonized power system that “greens the grid for all” by dramatically increasing zero- carbon energy delivered to all customers reliably, equitably, and at least-cost. At the same time, energy customers with ambitious clean energy goals of their own, want and need to have the ability to choose accelerated, cost-effective, zero-carbon, and renewable energy across the US to meet their own goals.

As policymakers prioritize solutions to address today’s economic, social, and climate challenges, CEBA encourages bipartisan support for federal actions that expand access to clean energy for all energy customers.

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Actions taken by both the Biden Administration and any economic recovery and infrastructure legislation should focus on leveraging the clean energy sector to create jobs and to support American competitiveness and leadership. CEBA’s support for policies that accelerate energy buyer procurement goals while also greening the grid for all can be advanced through three key federal policy strategies.

Leverage Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets for Grid Decarbonization

Improve existing wholesale markets and expand wholesale markets to achieve least-cost, efficient clean energy deployment.

CEBA supports the development of well-designed organized wholesale markets in line with our Buyers Wholesale Market Design Principles in all regions of the country, operated by Regional Transmission Organizations. Organized regional wholesale markets produce billions of dollars in customer savings annually and are critical to maintaining reliability, system efficiency, and integrating clean energy onto the electric grid.

Decarbonize the Grid for All

To green the grid for all customers faster, affordably, and equitably, CEBA urges the federal government to take swift action to harmonize and update the current patchwork of clean energy policies.

Collection and publication on emissions factors and resource mixes from every load-serving entity in the U.S. will support large energy customers in understanding and accounting for the carbon impact of the power they consume, thereby improving the ability to decarbonize.

Support Innovation to Advance a Resilient Affordable Clean Energy System

CEBA supports increasing federal funding for clean energy technology research, development, and demonstration.

Federal energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) is significantly underfunded, resulting in an unsurmountable barrier for promising, pre-commercial clean energy technologies on the path to market. Energy customers have an important role to play, in partnership with the federal government, by providing crucial product feedback and testing technologies in real-world environments.