We have a landmark opportunity to address pollution, overheating, and extreme weather through recently passed legislation. Dirty energy emits heat-trapping pollution that is contributing to irreversible damage to our planet and putting our communities at risk.

Clean energy access is a critical tool for policymakers to consider as they prioritize solutions to lower energy costs for hardworking families, protect our communities, create jobs for Americans.

CEBA’s Key Federal Priorities:

Leverage Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets for Grid Decarbonization

Improve existing and expand organized wholesale electricity markets to enable access to abundant and efficient clean energy deployment.

Decarbonize the Grid for All

Harmonize and update the existing patchwork of clean energy policies from every load-serving entity in the U.S. to enable industry stakeholders to account for their carbon impacts.

Support Innovation in Clean Energy

Fund research, development, and demonstration for promising, pre-commercial clean energy technologies and partner with the private sector to test and deploy in the market.

CEBA’s Key Recommendations:

CEBA Letter to U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy, Climate, and Grid Security; June 3, 2024

CEBA Letter to U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources; May 20, 2024

Modernize Federal Clean Energy and Transmission Permitting

Increase Cost Savings and Reliability with Organized Wholesale Market Expansion

Expand Critical Transmission Infrastructure for Access to Abundant Clean Energy