Interactive Virtual Education? Yes, please!

REBA Boot Camps are often cited by members as the most unique and valuable CEBA offering. Traditional Boot Camps are comprised of a two and a half-day course on the renewable energy procurement process, held in picturesque Basalt, Colorado. Participants learn from peers about electricity markets, pricing, risk, how to pitch ideas internally and get to know fellow leaders in clean energy. 

In the unprecedented times of COVID-19, and for the safety of our staff and members, CEBA converted the March 2020 Buyers Boot Camp to a virtual convening.  Participants made it clear when assessing whether to postpone to a future date or offer virtual sessions, that the material was salient and critical to moving their renewable energy goals forward. The CEBA team jumped into action to host a series of essential Boot Camp sessions for participants, including:

  • Buyers 101 
  • Procurement Options 
  • Project Finance 
  • Contract Strategy 
  • Common Negotiation Complications 
  • US GAAP Accounting 
  • CFO Buy-in 
  • Engaging Outside Council

The pilot Virtual Boot Camp was engaging and kept both attendees and faculty coming back for more! Our team is thrilled to have been able to meet members where they were, and are, both literally and figuratively. Participants interacted with peer leaders and were provided with resources to support their renewable energy goals. Among the various lessons learned there was robust dialogue around key topics, including: 

  • How do peers define ‘additionality’ in relation to renewable energy? 
  • How will COVID-19 impact the renewable energy landscape? 
  • Is there one path that we can all follow towards procurement?

After the rousing success of this kick-off virtual option, CEBA is excited to announce the official launch of Virtual Boot Camps. We are ready to walk the walk with a more sustainable, cost-efficient option that will help you make the most of this vital content. 

During the eight-week Virtual Boot Camp, you will have the opportunity to:  

  • Learn about the fundamentals of U.S. electricity markets 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the procurement process
  • Develop meaningful connections with members of the community

CEBA aims to continue to deliver helpful resources and build a community to help further accelerate your transition to clean energy despite the challenges we currently face. We hope that you will join CEBA’s future virtual offerings as we pivot to our new normal, including the upcoming CEBA Connect: Virtual Member Summit launching May 5th and continuing through October.

Do you want to be among the first participants in our next Virtual Boot Camp? Contact our Education & Engagement team ( to get on the list and receive updates.