One Year of REBA

How an uparalleled community has bounded together to drive progress towards a zero-carbon energy future.

Celebrating one year of CEBA must begin with the community. The CEBA community is unparalleled in size and focus and represents a vanguard of companies stepping into the breach on climate action.  

With more than 230 members dedicated to decarbonizing energy consumption and replacing fossil fuels with low or zero-carbon renewables, CEBA members are going to change the world by utilizing the collective competency, means and influence that can only be brought to bear by the world’s largest businesses. We hope you’ll join us in this fight.  

While reflecting on the threat of climate change earlier this year, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink drew comparisons to other major economic crises—the early 1980s, the dot-com bubble, and the global financial crisis. His conclusion? “Climate change is different. Even if only a fraction of the projected impacts are realized, this is a much more structural, long-term crisis.” 

Indeed, many of the great business leaders of our time are acknowledging this simple fact: that climate change threatens to reshape basic business assumptions and alter the fundamentals of entire economies.   

This call-to-climate-action is not easy of course. Most businesses have traditionally treated sustainability as a secondary or tertiary concern. But times are changing and the Fortune 500 is now beginning a serious journey to define and reduce their climate risk through decarbonization, supply chain management, product design and more.  

The journey often begins with commitments, and the CEBA community participates in many of these pledges: setting science-based targets or promising to go 100% renewable energy via RE100. But the work cannot stop with commitments—there must be a follow-on action to turn those commitments into reality. And this is where the CEBA community truly stands alone.  

In 2019, corporates announced more than 9 GW of new renewable energy projects in the United States. This represents more than 50% growth in the next highest year and Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates another 105 GW of new renewables will be necessary to meet corporate goals by 2030. And CEBA members historically represent more than 90% of all corporate renewables procurement.  

The CEBA Deal Tracker showcases total announcements of 9.33 GW of renewable energy in the U.S. and a shift in the energy landscape driven by the demand for accessible clean energy options.

To achieve these goals, CEBA organizes its members to share their stories and advice in order to help others navigate, emulate, and innovate upon the leaders’ successes. REBA leans on its community leaders to act as faculty at boot camps, host table discussions at our events, act as content experts during webinars, and to help guide our ambitions as an organization. 

Today, CEBA members operate in tech, financial services, manufacturing, retail, raw materials, and even traditional energy companies. Their leadership enables other peer companies to act and, with the help of individuals from Larry Fink to Greta Thunberg, CEBA’s mission is now visible on the world stage and gaining support from companies around the globe.  

Please join us on our mission to change the world!