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CEBA Primers are meant for sustainability professionals at the start of their energy procurement journey, or those that want a refresher on a particular topic. Primers are one level deeper than an introductory 101-level overview and go beyond definitions of a complex concept or topic to include additional context through examples, CEBA member insights, and relevant market-based information.

CEBA Guides, also referred to as Roadmaps, are for more experienced sustainability professionals that have successfully completed as least one renewable energy procurement project. Guides and Roadmaps provide step-by-step guidance with detailed explanations of a process or topic related to renewable energy procurement. What’s unique about these products? Each is informed by experienced CEBA member companies, peer organizations, and subject matter experts – and each resource includes insights only available to the CEBA community.

CEBA Primers & Guides

Each CEBA Primer and Guide is exclusively available for CEBA members. If you are a CEBA member, please use the Member Login button in the upper right corner of your screen to log into the CEBA InterConnect and click on Discover to access.

Principles of Accounting for Renewable Electricity in the U.S. Whitepaper

Principles of Accounting for Renewable Electricity in the U.S. Whitepaper here.

Accelerating the Decarbonization Impact of Energy Procurement Primer

Preview the Accelerating the Decarbonization Impact of Energy Procurement Primer here.

Accounting Primer

The Accounting Primer provides information on how to best address accounting issues emerging from large off-site renewable transactions.

Aggregating Energy Demand Case Study

The Aggregating Energy Demand Case Study is a model for renewable energy strategies and provides options for those companies that may lack choice due to size, location, or other factors. Preview the Aggregating Energy Demand Case Study here.

Building the Business Case for Renewable Energy Primer

The Building the Business Case for Renewable Energy Primer aims to support large energy buyers in building a robust business case for renewable energy procurement through tools to engage key internal stakeholders. Preview the Primer here.

Community Solar Primer

Community solar offers energy customers a middle ground between small-scale installation and large utility-scale procurement. Preview the Community Solar Primer here.

Deal Dream Team

The Deal Dream Team Guide explains how companies can create teams with the necessary skill sets to complete transactions.

Deal Structure

The Deal Structure Primer provides information the energy market and what deal structure options are available for energy buyers.

Economic Analysis Primer

The Economic Analysis Primer describes the theory behind the valuation of potential deals for off-site renewable energy projects and introduces tools available to calculate the net present value of potential projects.

Energy Storage Primer

Information on battery storage to aid buyers interested in using the technology to incorporate greater reliability, reduced costs, and enhance carbon-reducing strategies. Preview the Battery Storage Primer here.

Risk Allocation Primer

The Risk Allocation Primer describes key risks in power purchase agreements and how they can be allocated.

Internal Support Guide

The Internal Support Guide describes why leading companies have chosen to procure renewable energy and how to secure internal buy-in for projects and broad sustainability goals.

On-site Renewable Energy Procurement Roadmap

The  Onsite Renewable Energy Procurement Roadmap p provides  an  overview  of the average  on-site energy procurement process for a large energy buyer. The roadmap is technology agnostic and supports energy buyers considering a range of different on-site options and the common questions that arise during the procurement process.

Sample Contract Language for Data Center Customers

Sample language that customers can use in contracts for data services to ensure that their providers are practicing sustainable energy management. Preview the Sample Language Contract Primer here.

Supply Chain Partner Engagement Roadmap

The Supply Chain Partner Engagement Roadmap accelerates meaningful action by companies seeking to engage with their supply chain partners around sustainable energy by showing a path to start the engagement process and leading to impact by the supply chain partner.