Clean energy technologies that could have major positive impacts in reducing economy-wide emissions are created every day, but bringing these technologies to market is complex.

CEBA’s Innovation team helps activate new energy customers across industry sectors to engage in this complex landscape through high impact, small group engagements and provides resources and tools to help customers navigate when and how they can engage to expedite the development and deployment of next generation technologies.

CEBA members interested in learning more can go to CEBA Interconnect to access member-exclusive resources, including Building a Business Case for Deploying Clean Energy Technologies Primer. For more information about CEBA’s Clean Tech initiative, email

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The Advancing the Landscape of Clean Energy Innovation report identifies critical strengths and weaknesses of this ecosystem and offers recommendations for making that ecosystem more effective. It examines the different technology readiness stages through which innovation passes and the importance of feedback among those stages. It also discusses the significant opportunities to accelerate the pace of clean energy innovation that are presented by rapid advances occurring today across a myriad of technologies originating outside the energy sector.
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Case Studies in Clean Energy Innovation: The Role of Large Companies

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