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October 26-30, 2020

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CEBA @ VERGE 20 will be a unique opportunity for CEBA members to connect and expand their community of peers, grow market knowledge, and share successes with a new, broad audience. ​Through our continued partnership with GreenBiz, CEBA members will have access to REBA-led content and sessions across all five VERGE conferences, including VERGE Carbon, Circular, Energy, Food, and Transport. ​Cross-sectoral engagement and peer-to-peer learning will ultimately support the CEBA community in its goal to accelerate the uptake of renewable energy towards a zero-carbon energy future.​

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GreenBiz has chosen Hopin as its events platform, which will be used across all five conferences including CEBA @ VERGE. As an attendee, you’ll be able to move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event and enjoy the content and connections throughout.

The Registration & Participation Guide below includes details on how register for the event and how to optimize your experience. We hope you will join us for a week of high-energy, fast-paced conversations designed to engage and invigorate attendees.

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Supply Chain Engagement: Partnering on Decarbonization in Data Centers

New tools and strategies have emerged to engage supply chain partners towards emissions reductions and to mitigate the impact of growing data use. Learn from experienced large energy buyers about how to address challenges during the strategic planning and implementation phases of deep decarbonization.

Beyond 100% Clean: Matching Energy Supply and Demand

Many companies have set and achieved 100% clean energy goals. Experienced energy buyers will share how they are going beyond matching consumption of dirty grid power with renewables and striving for real-world consumption of 100% clean energy where and when it’s needed. Learn how your company can match clean energy supply and demand through diverse energy generation assets, energy storage, demand response initiatives and shifting energy loads.

Built Environment: How Tenants Can Green Commercial Buildings

Commercial building occupancy across the country has decreased due to COVID-19 and the prioritization of social distancing. As your company looks to renegotiate rental agreements you have the opportunity to integrate clean energy and energy efficiency components. Learn strategies to decarbonize leased spaces and how to engage your commercial real estate agents to support your energy goals.

Energy Procurement: Energy Market Fundamentals

Complex energy markets and renewable procurement can be intimidating. Hear why companies are getting involved and learn the fundamentals to establish a solid foundation to begin your journey. Content will cover the basics of U.S. energy markets, major procurement types, best practices, and how to avoid common pitfalls as you support your company in its pursuit of clean energy goals.

The Future of Renewable Energy

This session will be a conversation between energy experts with minimal slides– it will set the scene for what the market looks like for renewable energy buyers and some of the key trends in renewable procurement. We will also share how options for procurement are growing as a result of changing policy and market structures and what the future might hold particularly for large scale buyers.

Utility Engagement: Creating Renewable Energy Programs for Energy Buyers

Traditional, regulated energy markets can be challenging to navigate. Learn how to effectively engage utilities towards the creation of renewable energy programs from experienced energy buyers. You will gain exclusive insights on utility offerings across the country, key lessons learned, and available tools and resources to support your goals.

Energy Procurement: Driving a Green Recovery

Large energy buyers continue to increase the scope and ambition of their efforts to lock-in low cost electricity rates by powering their operations with renewable energy. Meeting customer clean energy demand presents a powerful opportunity for a green COVID recovery, rebuilding economies and putting people back to work and helping large organizations drive clean energy deployment.

Beyond the Megawatts: Social Responsibility in Renewable Energy Partnerships

Renewable energy procurement often involves long-term relationships between off-takers, suppliers, and local communities. This session considers why renewable contracts are an ideal opportunity for offtakers to assert their preference and influence developers to commit to higher standards — from diversity and inclusion to end-of-life considerations for renewable assets.

Deep Decarbonization: Zero Carbon Industrial Commodities

Deep decarbonization of industrial commodities like steel and cement is critical to achieving a zero-carbon economy. Learn about the Clean Energy Buyers Institute’s new initiative to leverage private sector demand to accelerate the energy transition in a single industrial commodity like aluminum or a range of industrial commodities across, for example, the renewable energy supply chain. Weigh in on where you see the greatest opportunity for impact and would like to get involved.

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